Members of DLR PPN can elect other members to act as representatives of the PPN on different local government committees.

The role of these representatives is to to represent the issues of DLR PPN members on a particular Board or Committee and to bring forward these issues to the committee for their consideration. DLR PPN representatives can also put items on the agenda of the committee.

DLR PPN representatives are not at committee meetings just to represent their own group or agenda. They must represent the varied views of those DLR PPN members who have an interest in the areas covered by the committee.

PPN Representatives are informed of the views of PPN member organisations through Linkage Groups.

Committees and their DLR PPN Representatives

DLR PPN Representatives will be attending the Specific Purpose Committee and Local Community Development meetings listed below.  If you would like to contact them in advance of any of the meetings please the contact link for each meeting. Dates of meetings can change, to see the most up-to-date calendar information please click here.

– Calendar of Meetings September to December 2023

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– Calendar of Meetings May to August 2023

– Calendar of Meeting January to April 2023

– Calendar of Meetings September 2022 to December 2022

– Calendar of Meetings May to August 2022

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