The purpose of the Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) is to develop, co-ordinate and implement a coherent and integrated approach to local and community development in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown.  The responsibilities of this committee include:

  • Primary responsibility for the co-ordination, planning and oversight of spending on local development.
  • Ensuring a coherent approach to the implementation of local and community development programmes and interventions.
  • Driving meaningful citizen and community engagement in the planning, delivery and evaluation of local and community development programmes.
  • Ensuring a more efficient administration of local and community programmes and delivery structures.
  • Developing approaches that focus on learning and feedback.
  • Exploring and pursuing opportunities for additional funding resources.

The  LCDC does this by:

  • Preparing the community element of 6 year Local Economic and Community Plan.
  • Co-ordinating, managing and overseeing the implementation of the Social Inclusion, Community Activation Programme (SICAP). This includes the Local Community Development Programme and the Rural Development Programme (LEADER).
  • Ensuring the effectiveness, consistency, and co-ordination of public funded programmes and avoiding duplication.
  • Pursuing the co-ordination of all community development programmes.

Your LCDC Representatives are:

Darren Chamber – Community & Voluntary
Joan Casey – Community & Voluntary
Louise Keogh – Social Inclusion
Sharon Perry – Social Inclusion
Annette McAllister – Environmental

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