“Left Out in the Cold: Energy Poverty and Energy Pollution” Letter-Writing Workshop

Following on from the webinar “Left Out in the Cold: Energy Poverty and Energy Pollution” Friends of the Earth invite you to join a letter-writing workshop on Monday, the 11th of September, from 7pm to 8.30pm.

The workshop is advertised as per below:

“Not only do we want people to have left the webinar knowing more about energy poverty and why it’s a climate justice issue, we also want you to be riled up to take action! In this interactive workshop we will do exactly that and focus on how we address our demands to decision makers with Senator Marie Sherlock. This is especially timely in light of Budget 2024 which is due to be announced on the 10th October. How can we make our voices heard, highlight our personal experiences and our collective demands in a way that will cause decision-makers to listen?

Please note – this workshop will start at 7pm (not at 7.30pm as was incorrectly advertised in one of our emails)”

To register, please click here


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