Artist-in-Residence Scheme 2021 part of Decade of Centenaries 2012-2023

The Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media is the lead department for the coordination of the Decade of Centenaries Programme 2012-2023. A key strand of the Programme is Creative Expression. The department has developed and is promoting a number of different elements of this strand in a programme to be delivered over the remaining three years of the Decade 2021-2023.

Artistic and creative endeavours will have an important role in encouraging reflection, exploration and debate over that period, allowing people of all traditions to question and consider issues which may be challenging and difficult.

The following 5 bodies will host an artist-in-residence in 2021 under the Decade of Centenaries programme. Please click the links below for details of each artist-in-residence programme, including information on how to apply. The closing date for receipt of applications is 5pm on Friday, 19th March 2021.

This Artist-in-Residence scheme with the 5 partners above is a new element of the centenaries programme for 2021. The focus of the scheme this year is on the collections these partners hold, with a direct connection to the 1912-1923 period being marked by the Decade of Centenaries and to bring those historical collections to new audiences.

The links above bring you to the bespoke invitation from each body. Each body will engage an artist selected from a specific discipline or a range of artistic disciplines (depending on the bespoke requirements/emphasis of that body) to reflect on specific collections identified by each and a theme or themes falling under the scope of the Decade of Centenaries.

It is envisaged that each artist will apply to only one of the partners under the scheme.

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