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Join the SCORE Personal Weather Station and Air Quality Monitor Initiative in Dún Laoghaire!


As part of the SCORE project’s commitment to harnessing the power of citizen science for climate change monitoring,  you are invited to participate in the latest initiative: the installation of personal weather stations and air quality monitors in your home or back garden.

What’s in it for you?

  • Free kit: The weather stations and air quality monitors are free for volunteers.
  • Site Analysis: Our expert team will analyse your site to ensure it is optimal for your chosen sensor.
  • A-Z Guide: Volunteers will receive a comprehensive guide for a seamless installation and onboarding process.
  • Technical Support: if at any moment, you experience difficulties with the stations, our team will be on-hand to help.
  • Free weather data: all the data produced by your station will be available to not only SCORE and University College Dublin, but also to you.

Why a Private Weather Station or air quality kit? By hosting this equipment in your garden or home, you contribute directly to our understanding of local weather patterns and air pollution, essential for climate resilience initiatives. It’s an opportunity to make a meaningful impact while gaining insights into your local environment.

There are have a limited number of units available, so if you are a suitable candidate, they will contact you for further information, and with the next steps of the application process. Below we have three types of application for each type of sensor, to start an application click on an “Apply here!” button.

To see the types of applications and get involved, please click here

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