DLR County Biodiversity Action Plan 2021-2025

Nature Recovery, Restoration and Reconnection

DLRCC is in the process of drafting the new County Biodiversity Action Plan and would like to hear your views. Please get involved and help them to develop the new plan. We are all aware a National Biodiversity Crisis was declared by Dail Eireann in 2019. This highlights the importance of the role of local authorities, including DLR, in addressing biodiversity loss and how we can take action to restore and enhance our biodiversity and ecosystems.

The consultation documents include:

1) A draft summary consultation document that sets out the Themes, Objectives and Actions for the development of a new DLR County Biodiversity Action Plan 2021-2025, and

2) The previous DLR Biodiversity Action Plan 2009 – 2013.

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Consultation Closes 19 Aug 2021   Survey Link

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