DLR PPN December 2021 Ezine is out

To read the December newsletter, click here

The DLR PPN online December newsletter is out, with lots of news from the community:

  • 19 open funding streams and grants
  • 8 open consultations
  • dlr Age Friendly magazine – online format
  • Free training and lots more, such as the RSVP Campaign.

R.S.V.P. is the new Government campaign that aims to empower people to assess the risk involved in different activities by providing practical information and guidance. R.S.V.P. encourages people to be risk aware, to think before they meet up with others, and to ask themselves the right questions about Risk, Symptoms, Venue and People.

Questions such as:

  • Risk. What’s the risk? Am I vaccinated? Have I received my booster?
  • Symptoms. Am I currently showing symptoms of COVID-19?
  • Venue. Are they following the guidelines? Will I be wearing a mask?
  • People.  How many people am I meeting? How many households are coming together?


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