DLRCC Universal Grants Scheme 2018 Round 2

The purpose of the scheme is to provide financial assistance to individuals, groups and organisations engaged in projects, events or developments for the community and business organisations at local or county level.  These grants will encourage the development of as broad a range of local community activities and services as possible, and ensure that the limited financial resources available are used to the maximum benefit of the community at large.

The dlr Grant Scheme – Round 2 has 5 different grant categories:

  • Arts Access Grants
  • Business Area Promotion Grants
  • Community Grants
  • Winter Festival & Event Grants
  • Sports Access Grants

Deadline for applications is Friday 20th of April.

For more information and to apply go to http://www.dlrcoco.ie/en/council-democracy/governance/2018-dlr-grants-scheme-round-2

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