Commencing Monday August 10th, dlr County Council is implementing a new One-Way Traffic System for Dundrum village.

This will provide a calmed traffic environment and more space for pedestrians & cyclists while also facilitating public amenity improvements. A broad outline of the Interventions is set out below followed by details of the required Diversions to Bus Services and Traffic, which also commence from Monday August 10th. To see the full outline, please click here.

For queries / issues from general public / community groups – please direct by email to Kate Rushe at [email protected]


  • I cannot believe that the one way system does not start at on the Sandyford Road at the Luas junction/Wyckham . Where it starts now looks like you are only facilitating the SC. All the back up log jams are caused by cars turning left into the underground car park and traffic turning right exiting it.
    Also a filter lane turning left onto the Wyckham by pass coming down Sandyford Road, is badly needed. At the moment with no school traffic the Bicycle lane has compleatley closed off any filter that there was there.
    You know and I know that the original plan for the complete Dundrum Shopping Centre was a one way system flowing down down North and around back up south on the west side. Please ,please do more to free up the traffic flow down the Sandyford . It can take me three quarters of a hour getting from Dun Emer Estate to Notre Dame School at 8.30 and there is no complete cycle lane for the children.

  • I am very disappointed that I took my eye off the ball. To think the people of Dundrum have to drive around their Village to get to it when the people from Sandyford can just drive straight to it with no difference to their journey. Sandyford village has two way traffic.
    Have u not noticed the traffic on the bypass going towards sandyford. Yes I can walk, yes I can get a bus, but i want to have the right to drive should i wish. Not drive around.

  • Hi
    I agree with the above comment. Coming from Dundrum road to the public car park opposite the shopping centre used to take 2 minutes. Now it takes 20 minutes. The new system has created major traffic jams where there never were problems previously. As I sat in traffic yesterday I also thought that access from and to the Garda station is now difficult and would imagine difficulties in emergencies. It does not make sense to me I am afraid. Where can I make official comments?

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