Expanding Ireland’s Marine Protected Area Network

Public Consultation on the expert advisory group report entitled “Expanding Ireland’s Marine Protected Area Network is open.

In general terms the consultation is an open invitation for your views on area-based conservation and environmental protection in your seas and ocean, now and into the future. Among other things, it is asking you and all interested participants: What components of Ireland’s marine environment should be protectedWhy they should be protected and How they should be protected. Its results, based on the responses and views received, will help to pave the way forward in designing the process for expanding Ireland’s MPA network, underpinned by new legislation that is fit for purpose.

The public consultation material, including a PDF copy of the report and an Online Survey to submit your views and opinions, is available in both Irish and English through the following webpages, respectively:



The consultation will close at 5pm on Friday 30 July 2021, by which time they hope to have been inundated with replies. So please circulate this information widely and do encourage any and all to participate in the process.

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