Groups invited to apply for RTÉ Toy Show Appeal grants

Applications open for €6.6 Million in funding

Statement by The Community Foundation for Ireland and RTÉ

The huge generosity of viewers to the RTÉ Toy Show Appeal is being turned into action with groups which support children across the country being invited to apply for support from (Monday 24th January 2022) from the €6.6 Million raised.

The Community Foundation for Ireland, RTÉs partner in the appeal, is beginning the process of turning the donations into grants supporting a range of local services and supports.

The first year of the appeal in 2020 benefitted an estimated 600,000 children and their families as highlighted in an Impact Report showing how through their donations the 1.7 Million viewers of the Late Late Toy Show have given vital support to communities.

This year’s funding is being distributed through two rounds, the first has now opened and is inviting applications from community groups and organisations. It will provide grants of between €5,000 and €20,000.

Grants will be made under three thematic pillars:

Addressing Essential Needs

Grants are available to eligible organisations that can demonstrate the impact of their work at local and community level. Grants within this Strand of funding will be made to ensure that vulnerable children are safe, warm and fed; and they are properly supported in addressing educational needs. This Strand aims to improve living conditions and outcomes of children at risk by providing holistic and practical supports and by improving their educational outcomes.

Improving Wellbeing

Grants are available to eligible organisations that can demonstrate the impact of their work at local and community level. Poor health is difficult at any point in life, but it can have significant and long-term impacts in childhood in terms of educational outcomes and emotional wellbeing. Covid has created additional challenges in terms of mental health and social isolation. This Strand aims to improve the mental health and resilience of children and to increase quality of life for children with disabilities and serious health conditions.

Creativity and Play

Grants are available to eligible organisations that can demonstrate the impact of their work at local and community level. Creativity and play are essential to supporting children’s development of cognitive and social behaviours. This Strand aims to enhance personal and emotional development, resilience and wellness for disadvantaged children through creative programmes and activities.

Voluntary, community and charitable groups who wish to apply should check out details including criteria at Applications for this round will remain open until 18th February 2022. A second of grants aimed at Impact will open on 21st February 2022.

Commenting on the success of this year’s Appeal, Dee Forbes, Director General, RTÉ said.“We are thrilled that as a result of the public support for the RTÉ Toy Show Appeal, many children’s lives will be improved. Some children’s lives are harder than others and we are confident that these grants will make a real difference in the lives of many children and families, in communities all around Ireland.”

Denise Charlton, Chief Executive of The Community Foundation for Ireland added:

“The opening of applications for the second RTÉ Toy Show Appeal is an important moment. It is when we re-capture the magic of an extra-ordinary Friday night and start turning it into actions on the ground which benefit hundreds of thousands of children and their families. I would encourage community groups and organisations across the country to take time over the coming four-weeks to carefully examine the application process and criteria, and if they are eligible to make an application.

The team at The Community Foundation take the responsibility which has been placed on them by the viewers very seriously and will in the coming weeks be fully focussed in ensuring that the huge generosity we have is used to transform young lives.”

The deadline for applications is February 18th 2022. Read more here. 

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