Health & Wellness Course for Family Carers from Age & Oppertunity

Actively Changing Gears – A resilience boosting and physical activity course for managing our health during Covid-19.

‘If health is our wealth, managing it is all the more important.’

Age & Opportunity has received funding from Sport Ireland to offer a health & wellness course to family carers. We are very aware of the pressures many family carers are experiencing during Covid-19 and we want to offer a six-week course designed to boost wellbeing and resilience and also increase levels of physical activity. We hope that by taking part in the course you will feel better equipped to look after yourself as well as the persons in your care.

They will deliver four courses, starting from March 20th to groups of 20 family carers. There is no cost as it is funded by Sport Ireland.

If you are interested, please email Fiona Holohan: The closing date is Friday 19th March.

More details: Actively Changing Gears leaflet

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