Insurance for Repair Cafés: Information and Collaboration Session

December 14th

Online 7pm


Join a nationwide gathering of repair café organisers and other stakeholders to discuss the problem of insurance for community repair on December 14th, at 7pm online.

This event will bring together organisers of repair cafés and other stakeholders like lending libraries from around the country to discuss their shared problem of lack of access to insurance. It will provide an opportunity for people involved in community repair to share their stories about the issues they have had trying to get insurance cover for their events.

You will hear the findings of the Rediscovery Centre’s research project looking into insurance for community repair in Ireland, as well as hearing from the CEO of the Alliance for Insurance Reform, who has been working with the Rediscovery Centre to try and secure cover for Irish repair cafés. Attendees will also hear from repair cafés about their experiences trying to secure product liability insurance.

This event is perfect for anyone who is running a repair café and is struggling with their insurance, or for anyone who is interested in running a repair café in the future. There will also be important lessons for other actors involved in circular economy activities who have experienced issues trying to get insurance!

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