Kilbogget Park Research Survey

VESI Environmental Ltd are an environmental consultancy, specialising in the implementation of Integrated Constructed Wetlands (ICW) for the treatment of wastewaters. This includes anything from single domestic properties, to larger community scale projects, agriculture, industrial wastewaters, landfill leachate and experimental applications.

VESI was the designer of the refurbishment and reanimation works of Kilbogget Park in 2008. These works transformed the Kill-O-The-Grange stream as it flows through the public park, from a narrow canalised stream suffering from heavy pollution and rubbish, to the wider and more aesthetic design that is there today.


Currently VESI is also engaged with an international research project, examining the use of “nature-based solutions” or natural systems for the treatment of waters in urban settings. Part of this research is aimed at getting feedback from the public who use amenities, such as Kilbogget Park on a regular basis.

VESI would greatly appreciate feedback, by means of a brief, online, anonymous survey of the park.

This information will be used in promoting the future implementation of similar features in green spaces in Dublin and the wider area. Above you can see an aerial photograph of the park and the link below, which is to a 3D Render of the park for the public to examine. 3D Survey:

To take part in the survey, please click below 

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