Lets Learn DLR

LetsLearnDLR is a new website for young people in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown trying to find their way through education. It provides information about the education services in the area, shares other young people’s experiences, helps to connect to services that can help overcome challenges, and provides links to important advice and resources.


The idea for the website came about from consultation by the Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown Children and Young People’s Services Committee (CYPSC) with young people about how to make their lives better. It is the second project following this consultation, the first being LetsTalkDLR that focuses on providing information about mental health services for young people.


Speaking about the importance of the website at the launch in November 2022, Lorraine Dunster, one of the young people involved in co-creating the website, said “the help is all there in one place regardless of what you want to do, whether that be university, or an apprenticeship, etc. I wish that it was around when I was 16/17, I think pressure is heavy on young people of that age and any age to decide on a future and to research a future. Whereas with this website the contacts are so easily accessible, it eases some pressure, it will be extremely useful for students, young people and parents to find information”.


The website allows young people to search by the stage they’re at in their education, what their interests are, and what sort of supports they need. The website design and layout is based on what local young people have said would help them most. The services are described in the language young people are used to, featuring short easy to watch videos, and highlighting the steps needed to get support.


The website can be accessed at www.LetsLearnDLR.ie


If you would like to find out further information on the website from DLR CYPSC Co-ordinator, Helena O’ Brien you can contact her at: Helena.OBrien2@tusla.ie.

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