New Cabinteely Boules Petanque Club

We are a recently formed French boules club and we play every Monday at 10.30 am in front of Cabinteely House in Cabinteely Park Dublin 18.

The group was formed by some people from the local Cabinteely Active Retirement group.

We can loan you boules and show you how to play Petanque. Players of all standards are welcome. Training is given where required.
Contact for further information.

Brief Rules of Petanque – is a French boules game
A player stands inside a circle and throws the jack (a small coloured ball)
From the circle, the same team throws one steele boule towards the jack. The opposition then throws a boule attempting to get closer tothe jack. If unsuccessful, they continue to throw until they get closer or run out of boules. Boules that are close to the jack can be pushed away by the opponent’s boule.
The teams seek to gain 13 points to win the game.

Why not come and try it out – it is fun.
We welcome new members and we hope to expand our activities in 2018. We are now the largest French Boules Club in the DLRC area.

Website : petanque/home
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