Operating safely during COVID-19 – Information for Community & Voluntary Sector

Information & Resources for the Community & Voluntary Sector on operating safely during COVID-19

Earlier this year Pobal prepared a webpage containing guidance on how community and voluntary groups can apply the prevailing public health advice to their own activities this resource remains available and has been updated to reflect the continuance of public health measures: https://www.pobal.ie/reopeningyourservice/

The page contains step-by-step guidance on how community and voluntary groups can prepare to manage any risks associated with their activities and premises (if applicable).

Each group needs to assess their own needs individually and ensure that their operations are in line with the various levels of measures laid out in the National Framework for living with Covid-19. This framework outlines restrictions that will apply to many of the activities and services offered by community/voluntary groups, e.g. indoor and outdoor events, sports facilities, childcare, cultural venues etc.

Further details of the levels in the framework can be found here: https://www.gov.ie/en/campaigns/resilience-recovery-2020-2021-plan-for-living-with-covid-19/ This page contains a link to an at-a-glance graphic guide to the levels as well as links to sub-pages concerning the restrictions and advice relevant to each level. These resources can help your member groups identify which restrictions apply to their own particular activities.

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