Parks: East County Playground Upgrades


Dlr County Council Parks East are reviewing their playgrounds, to create new inclusive play spaces where children of all ages, abilities and backgrounds can play.

This consultation with the community will help identify public needs in our playground. Upgrades that will include its play equipment, supports for adults, disabled and landscaping.

The community is being invited to complete an online survey or share an idea. This feedback will help create a brief and specification for playgrounds to be upgraded in 2024.

The first series of playgrounds to be upgraded in the East County Parks Area, as identified in the dlr Play Policy 2023-2028, will be Soldiers and Sailors Park in Monkstown, Hyde Park in Dalkey and, Springhill Park in Kill o’ the Grange

Objectives The consultation program aims to:

  • Determine the main users of the playground
  • Determine new structures to be added
  • Gather ideas from the community for the playground design and equipment

Consultation period the consultation opens from Thursday 15th February to 7th March 2024. Community engagement activities being undertaken:

  • Dedicated consultation website to complete the survey and share an idea
  • Posters on site
  • Email to Residents Association where possible.
  • Local school workshops where possible
  • Social media
  • Councillor notification


Paul Conlon

(Executive Parks Superintendent)

Parks Department



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