Public Consultation on EU Citizenship Rights

By the end of the year, the Commission plans to publish its next Citizenship Report. Placing the citizen at the heart of the policy efforts, the report will take stock of the progress made since the 2017 EU Citizenship Report, collect lessons learned from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on EU citizenship rights and propose new priorities and actions aimed at bringing concrete benefits to EU citizens in terms of effectively enjoying their EU citizenship rights, in particular in a cross-border context.

To help inform the report, they would like to invite you to contribute to their public consultation on EU citizenship rights, which aims at collecting information, experiences and views on EU citizenship rights and will be open until 1 October 2020.

Together with the Flash Eurobarometer on EU Citizenship and Democracy, its results will inform the report and help set the agenda on EU citizenship rights.

EU citizenship, as a unique construct at the global level, is one of the most significant achievements of the European project. The practical enjoyment of rights, such as the right to vote, study, work or live in other EU Member States, affect the daily life of all Europeans and their protection and promotion is key to the Commission’s work. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated even more the importance of these rights.

If yous do not have an EU login, you will have to go to the EU login page by entering the following address in the browser: Then, click on Create an account and fill in the blanks with the details for your account. More information on EU login and help can be found here:

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