Public Consultation on the Autism Innovation Strategy

Minister of State with Special Responsibility for Disability, Anne Rabbitte, has launched a further public consultation on the Autism Innovation Strategy. (Read the press release here )

The Autism Innovation Strategy aims to address the bespoke challenges and barriers facing autistic people and to improve understanding and accommodation of autism within society and across the public system. The Strategy contains actions that will be undertaken across Government to better support autistic people and their families. The duration of the Strategy will be 18 months.

The Autism Innovation Strategy will complement and enhance wider action on disability by focusing on areas where there are bespoke needs for autistic people.


The purpose of this further public consultation is to seek views on the draft Autism Innovation Strategy before it is finalised and launched in the coming months.

The draft Autism Innovation Strategy has been prepared based on the contributions to the initial public consultation and following discussions with Departments and Agencies across Government to agree actions under the Strategy.

In Ireland, autistic people can still face multiple, varied and complex challenges and barriers in all facets of their daily lives, and throughout their lives, from infancy, through childhood, into adulthood and old age. The Autism Innovation Strategy will pursue clear, simple actions to make a meaningful difference to the lives of autistic people and their families over an 18-month period.

How to participate

Online Survey

The Autism Innovation Strategy online survey is now live and will remain open until 4pm on Friday 1st March 2024. This online survey will take 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Here is the EU Survey link to the survey.

Easy to read survey

An easy to read version of the survey will be published here shortly. This can be returned to

The closing date for receipt of the survey is 4pm on Friday 1st March 2024.

Written Submissions

For organisations or others that may wish to submit a more detailed submission, written submissions are also being invited using the following template (this will be available here shortly)

Written submissions are limited to one per organisation and should be emailed to

There is a maximum word limit of 2000 words for written submissions. Written submissions from organisations should clearly indicate how many members were consulted in preparation of the submission.

The closing date for receipt of written submissions is 4pm on Friday 1st March 2024.

Targeted consultations are also being held with particular cohorts. The details of these targeted focus groups are still being finalised.

To read the Draft Strategy and more, please click here. 

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