Recovery Self Help Method- Online Meetings

Recovery Self Help Method Ireland is a charity that provides a specialised form of cognitive-behavioural training to its members. There are no fees and weekly meetings are held in various locations in Ireland but due to Covid-19 they have now moved online. The Recovery Self Help Method is a way to help reduce distress caused by mental health problems and nervous symptoms.

Recovery Self Help – weekly Zoom meetings:
1.  Tuesday at 3pm
2.  Tuesday at 7.30pm
3.  Wednesday at 7.30pm
4.  Friday at 11am
5.  Saturday at 7.30pm
6.  Sunday at 7.30pm
To Join any of these Zoom Meeting this is the link:
Also you can use a phone  (01) 653 3897 
Meeting ID: 384 095 4618
Password: 020304
Recovery Self Help Method Ireland is an Irish charity that was established in Dublin in 1971. Charity registration number is CHY7690.

The organisation is non-religious, and non-profit.  It is run by members, for members. They only offer training in their self-help method.   They do not offer advice on any medical, clinical or psychological therapy or treatment.

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