Referendums 8th March – Register to Vote

Referendums 8th March:

Local Authorities are currently working to prepare the electoral register for use at this event.

To be eligible to vote at the referendums on the 8th March you must have reached the age of 18 on polling day, be an Irish citizen and be living in the State. You must also be on the Electoral register. If you are on the register and your details are correct no further action is required at this time. You can check below.



Applications for a special or postal voting arrangement must be received by your local authority no later than 12 February – these applications cannot be submitted online as they require certification – forms are available for download below or from your local authority – more information is available on the FAQs page.

Applications to register or change details must be received by your local authority no later than 20 February.

Read more on the Check the Register website HERE.

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