Skills and training needs of volunteer managers: A Survey

Pobal, on behalf of the Department of Rural and Community Development, is carrying out an assessment of training that may be required by those who manage volunteers.

If you are a person who manages volunteers, whether you are paid or unpaid, the department would like to hear from you and learn what training or supports you may need in this role.

The survey will take max. 15 mins to complete and is open until 9th September.

If you have any questions about the survey or are experiencing any technical difficulties, please contact the Pobal team at:

Thank you for  taking time to complete the survey! It will help the department to better understand   how you can be supported in the valuable work that you do for your communities.


You can complete the survey here: Training needs assessment of those who manage, organise or coordinate volunteers 

Please feel free share this survey with all those who might wish to complete it.

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