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In this year’s Social Change Grants Scheme, grants of up to €7,500 are available to organisations working to address Mental Health issues, in particular for Travellers, victims of Domestic Violence and Refugees. Please see below for details of the type of projects we are seeking for each of these three funding strands:

1. Travellers: Projects aimed at suicide prevention, in particular via the reduction of stigma around accessing mental health services

2. Victims of Domestic Violence: Projects that offer a space and network for peer support and recovery from mental health distress and trauma

3. Refugees:  Projects that support the recovery of people suffering from mental health distress and promote their integration into the local community OR Projects that run targeted and culturally appropriate mental health promotion campaigns.

The aim of the grants scheme is to address mental health issues through innovative, community-based approaches that strive to bring about social, behavioural, attitudinal and cultural change and ultimately improve the mental health of beneficiaries in the target groups.

Deadline for applications : 28th of September 2018

Source: Social Change Grants | The Community Foundation

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