Survey on current trends within the public liability insurance market

The Department of Rural and Community Development, has engaged BDO to conduct research which seeks to examine current trends within the public liability insurance market and the impact of these trends on organisations across the community and voluntary sector. 

As part of the research, BDO has prepared the attached survey, which it is anticipated can help inform the research. 

Many of you will have taken part in a previous survey, conducted in 2019, which sought to examine the impact of insurance on community group operation.  It is expected that this new research can help identify if there has been any improvements or dis-improvements in the situation since 2019 and to consider the impact, if any of any recent insurance reform measures. 

It should be noted that all information will be treated in the strictest of confidence and will only be presented in aggregated format.  Individual respondents will not be identified or referenced in the report or findings of the research.   

Any queries or questions in relation to the survey or research should be directed to Austin Hickey, Director, BDO on 01 4700352 or by email [email protected]

Please find survey link here-

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