The draft Hen Harrier Threat Response Plan

The Hen Harrier is one of Ireland’s most alluring raptors.

Renowned for their spectacular aerial courtship display known as the ‘skydance’, this ground-nesting species plays a crucial role in our wild upland landscapes.

Tragically, we could stand to lose them. Activities such as forestry, agriculture, renewable energy and recreation have changed our landscape, reducing the amount of habitat that breeding Hen Harrier need. These changes have also reduced the amount of food available and left the Hen Harrier more exposed to predation. As a result of this combination of pressures, Hen Harrier numbers have plummeted. At the current rate of decline, we could lose the Hen Harrier to extinction in the next 25 years, its stunning sky dance lost from hills and mountains and left only to memory.

The draft Hen Harrier Threat Response Plan (HHTRP) is open for public consultation until 5 p.m. on Tuesday, February 20th, 2024 for you to have your say.

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