You Are Invited to a Free Climate Action Training Programme!

Funded by Dublin Rural LEADER, our “Community Based Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Training for Rural Dublin” programme will be delivered by our charity Global Action Plan, in partnership with the Rediscovery Centre, the Community Resource Network Ireland, Sustainable Energy Community Mentors and FH Wetlands Systems Ltd.

These organisations have come together to develop a complimentary training programme for community groups in rural parts of Dublin, to help them understand the complexities of climate change and the many ways in which local climate action can be effective.

The first training sessions will take place in the evening of 28th September in Glencullen. You can register for the free training programme on Eventbrite, using this link:

We would also be grateful if you could share the attached poster with members of your group.

Unlocking the Power of Positive Action:

In a world where fear and doomsday scenarios dominate many climate change discussions, our training programme aims to break down barriers, and inspire positive change. Our community climate action training programme is designed to inspire individuals and community groups to discover their power as agents of environmental progress.

We are looking forward to meeting lots of people all over the rural areas of Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown, to find out together what each of us can do to help avoid further climate chaos. We know that people are keen to do the right thing, but often don’t know where to start. This training programme, which is completely free of charge, will help people take that all-important first step. We don’t lecture, and we don’t pretend to know everything. We bring people on a journey of discovery, and of mutual inspiration.

Seven Climate Themes:

If your group signs up for the training programme, you will be able to explore several facets of climate change, and the many ways in which people can make a difference in their own communities. The programme is structured along 7 key thematic modules. Each module is designed to help participants explore key concepts and identify elements for subsequent action strategies.

Some of the training modules will take the form of in-person sessions in Rathcoole or Newcastle, but there are also online sessions and two field trips to groundbreaking initiatives in the Dublin area.

Sign Up Now!

Once again, if you are interested in this training programme, you can register online via,

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