2020/2021 Competitive Open Data Engagement Fund Announced

This fund is designed to raise awareness of Open Data and to promote the reuse of open data on the national Open Data portal data.gov.ie. The portal is a repository of open government datasets and currently links to over 10,000 public service datasets in open format.Promoting usage of data on the Open Data Portal is a key theme in the national Open Data Strategy 2017-2022.

The Open Data Engagement Fund is designed to promote awareness and provide support towards improving the usage of public sector data on the Portal https://Data.Gov.ie. It is a competitive fund which encourages applications from any organisation or individual including public bodies, SME’s, students and academia.

This year, particular consideration will be given to projects that use Open Data to address the issue of Covid-19.

The call for applications is open until Friday, 9th October and applications can be made for funding to support a variety of Open Data related activities. These include the organisation of outreach and engagement activities, for example, seminars, competitions and hackathons; the building of applications and development of visualisations to demonstrate the use that can be made of open data; or specific research on open government datasets with a view to arriving at outcomes that help create efficiencies in the public service or assist in government decision making as well as research to measure the benefits and impact of Ireland’s Open Data Initiative to date.

Applications open until Friday, 9th October 2020

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