Contact tracing – help reduce the volume of work by keeping a list of social interactions


Contact tracing is when health authorities try to trace who’s been in close contact with someone who has infection to see who else may be at risk of catching it.

In this case, it’s about seeing who someone diagnosed with Covid-19 has been in contact with, what extent they were in contact with them and establishing if that person is at risk of catching the virus themselves.

Although we hope that you and your family will not need to go for testing for Covid-19, it is important to keep track of your social interactions, including those of your family members. Keeping a list of people you have been in contact with in the last days and their contact details would help the contact tracing teams in their efforts. 

Again, we hope no one will need to self-isolate but there is merit in keeping track of all your social interactions on an ongoing basis. 

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