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You are invited at the Mount Merrion Community Centre to participate in a quick survey to share your valuable perspective. Join 2nd Year UCD Architecture Students, as they delve into the unique character of the Mount Merrion neighborhood – its history, architecture, and vibrant community. Your insight is crucial to our climate action project focusing on recycling, self-sufficiency and wellbeing. They are eager to connect and learn more about your shared community.

  • Day 1: Friday, March 1st 2024 – Drop in anytime between 2pm and 5pm
  • Day 2: Saturday, March 2nd 2024 – Drop in anytime between 11am and 1 pm
  • Where: Mount Merrion Community Centre – Located in the church car park off North Avenue and the Rise.

Read more about the Community Commons of Mount Merrion Project

2nd Year Architecture Studio, UCD School of Architecture, Semester February- April 2024

This semester will address the climate emergency through finding ways that communities can be a source of resistance to Climate Change.

The focus will be Mount Merrion, a residential neighbourhood adjacent to the Belfield campus, which was laid out following the ideal of the Garden City. This neighbourhood is of particular interest because of its social and architectural history. It is an area of great potential and is an exemplary model to enrich the knowledge and learning of our architectural students.

The students will be researching the landscape, the street layout, the buildings and people,  in order to design hypothetical responses for their end of year portfolio.

The UCD students will look at the back land areas exploring how this land could operate to transform the way this neighbourhood performs as an environmentally resilient community.

Some of the themes the students are exploring as part of their learning and reimagining of the potential of Mount Merrion are:

  • Towards Waste Self-sufficiency
  • Gardening/Composting/Wellbeing
  • Garden Commons
  • Food markets.

The students need to understand the people who live in Mount Merrion.

To this end the students wish to conduct a short survey with residents of all ages.  The intention is that this survey will be available online, however we would also like to organise drop in session(s) where the students can survey the residents in person. Tutors will be present to introduce the project and guide the students through their conversations with the residents.

If you can participate, please drop in!


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