National Heritage Keepers Programme Open For New Round of Applications


National Heritage Keepers Programme Opens For New Round of Applications: Lift the lid on your local heritage!


DEADLINE for applications: 12th of October 2023

Burrenbeo Trust is thrilled to announce the latest round of the National Heritage Keepers Programme. The National Heritage Keepers Programme is a fantastic opportunity for schools and communities across Ireland. It empowers them to delve into their local built, natural, and cultural heritage and then provides funding to allow them to take action. This programme offers various learning formats, including in-person, online, and blended options, making it accessible to a wide range of participants.

In the previous year, 40 schools and communities participated in the programme, with the majority successfully completing local projects and actions. These actions included constructing ponds, developing heritage trails, hosting networking days, tree planting, creating booklets on local built heritage, and even organising historic photography exhibitions. One programme participant from this year shared their experience, saying, “I found it a wonderful programme for people like me who didn’t think their voice could be heard, but now I feel that there are people who help and encourage everyone to protect nature, the environment, and the heritage of an area.

Mary Dillon, Heritage Keepers Co-ordinator, emphasised the programmes mission, stating, “Heritage Keepers aims to empower people to explore and discover their own local heritage, fostering pride, ownership, and ultimately responsibility towards both their community and environment. Through Heritage Keepers, schools and communities can play a huge part in protecting and promoting their local heritage and Place.

The programme consists of five engaging two-hour workshops, followed by dedicated support while completing the funded action. It opens for expressions of interest on the 14th September, with options to begin this autumn or in the New Year. The programme is open to senior classes in primary schools (conveniently scheduled during school hours) and offers evening workshops for adult groups, including Tidy Towns, Heritage Groups, Age Action, Men’s Shed, Resident Associations, and Town Development groups. Not part of a local group yet? Last year, some newly formed groups specifically came together to participate in Heritage Keepers.

For those eager to learn more about this wonderful opportunity, an online information session is scheduled for Thursday, September 28th, at 7.30pm. Visit for additional details and to complete a brief Expression of Interest form . Discover, preserve, and celebrate the richness of your local heritage, and become a steward of your local environment – become a Heritage Keeper!

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