St Patrick’s Park gets a face-lift and alleviates illegal parking

St Patrick’s Park Residents Association (SPPRA) have recently installed more planter boxes at the entrance to the estate to improve the appearance and help stop illegal parking occurring at the entrance from the main road. The planter boxes were made by patients of the Central Mental Hospital with the materials bought by grants provided by DLRCC.

With the ongoing issue of vehicles parking on the footway and in close proximity to the junction with the Enniskerry Road, SPPRA with the support of DLR Traffic and Environment Departments installed 4 additional planters which has removed the problem. SPPRA had previously installed planters at the existing bus stop last year to prevent illegal parking in this area.

An array of new plants were planted in the new and existing planters and also the bedding area behind the planters. The area now has a beautiful appearance which the residents are extremely proud of and more importantly has mitigated against the illegal parking ensuring mobility impaired users can now utilise the full width of the footway.


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