Summary of DLR PPN Plenary Meeting 15th October 2019

DLR PPN held its Autumn Plenary meeting on Tuesday October 15th from 7pm to 9pm in the Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire. 69 people attended. 

The welcome and overview of the evening was given by Aileen Eglinton, Secretariat member representing the Community and Voluntary pillar. 


Update on the work of DLR PPN and Questions from members

Network manager Laura Howe gave an update on the work of DLR PPN over the past 6 months, including:

  • Membership of DLR PPN is now at 549 member groups, 433 in Community and Voluntary, 98 in Social Inclusion, and 18 in Environment. 
  • Elections were held for DLR PPN representatives  on the Joint Policing Committee and the Local Community Development Committee.
  • Consultation workshops were run for DLR PPN members in collaboration with DLRCC of the dlr Digital Strategy and the dlr Corporate Plan.
  • A number of free training sessions will be taking place for DLR PPN members over the next 2 months, covering topics such as grant applications, digital communications and governance.
  • Outreach has taken place to various organisations and events and 500 copies of the DLR PPN ‘Plain English’ Information Booklet have been distributed.
  • An update was given on work on DLR PPN’s Vision for Community Wellbeing.
  • The draft DLR PPN Representative’s Charter.

A question came from the floor requesting the names of the representatives who had been elected to the Local Community Development Committee and Joint Policing Committee and this was answered.

View the presentation here


DLR PPN 2020 Workplan

Laura Howe gave a short presentation on the Draft 2020 Workplan, copies of which had been distributed to all attending. Time was given for people to read the Draft Workplan with an opportunity for questions following.

An observation was made in relation to An Bord Pleanala’s ability, through legislation, of fast-tracking of developments of over 100 units through the planning system. This was felt to be undemocratic. It was suggested that nationally PPNs could be working together on this issue.

An observation was made that forming a network within DLR PPN for Resident’s Associations would be very useful.

It was suggested that workshops helping members to engage better with consultations on the County Development Plan would be very useful.

A query was raised, considering increased awareness and concern in relation to climate Action and the Environment why were there not specific actions within the draft workplan in relation to Climate Action and Environment. This was responded to by Laura Howe and Secretariat member for the Environmental Pillar Gavin Harte who explained that these areas would be addressed through a Sustainability linkage group which is currently being set up as an action within the workplan.

A vote was taken and the 2020 Workplan was ratified by a majority.

View the DLR PPN 2020 Workplan

Breakout Sessions

Laura Howe gave a presentation on the Strategic Policy Committees and how they relate to the remit of DLR PPN. This included:

  • What Strategic Policy Committees do.
  • How Strategic Policy Committees work.
  • The role of DLR PPN representatives on the Strategic Policy Committees.

3 breakout sessions followed for the Community & Voluntary, Social Inclusion and Environmental Pillars, led by Secretariat members from each of the pillar groups.

Everyone was called back together and Secretariat members gave feedback about what came out of the sessions.

  • A Sustainability linkage group was established.
  • Members of the Social Inclusion pillar agreed to meet again in November.


  • The Dundrum Community, Cultural and Civic Action Plan consultation 
  • A reminder about the dlr Grant scheme deadline
  • The report from the last Joint Policing Committee has been distributed to members.
  • Sustainable Living Course starting at Balally Family Resource Centre.


Thanks to everyone who attended and participated in the Plenary meeting.  It was great to see both familiar and new faces and connect with DLR PPN members from across the county.

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