Training & Event Registration 2023


23 May 2023
Social Inclusion WorkshopThis Social Inclusion workshop is part of the LECP 2023-2028 ConsultationClosed
27 April 2023 7pm
Members only event
Spring Plenary MeetingPreliminary DLR PPN Spring Plenary 2023 Agenda_Closed
4 May 2023
Getting the Most Out of Your Phone
This workshop is now full, should there be a large demand we will put a second workshop on later on the 4th May. Please note that if you register on or after 26 April 2023 there is no guarantee of a place you are just registering your interest in attending.
What is an App?
Adding contact and call making/receiving
Taking photos/videos – taking screenshots to save for future
Going online – address bar and how to set up bookmarks
Online Email – reading email and checking Spam folders!

Booking Closed
11 May 2023
Getting the Most from Your LibraryLocations
Online Services
How to use the online Service
Ordering a book
Reserving a  book
How to use the Dash Board
E books
18 May
How to use• What is ?
• How can I use it?
• Logging in
• Creating you’re   Account 
• Password -Creating a strong password and how to Remember it
• Logging in to you Account 
• What Services are available to you
• Editing your Details 

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