Our Energy Future – Protecting Biodiversity & Environment

Friends of the Earth is delighted to invite you to an in-person expert workshop on Wednesday 26 October in Dublin. This workshop is part of theOur Energy Futureproject and will be facilitated by Harriet Emerson. The purpose of the meeting is to provide participants with the opportunity to highlight concerns regarding biodiversity protection in the context of renewables expansion, as well as to map these issues and learn what changes are necessary at the Government level. Friends of the Earth wishes to support groups often left out of biodiversity/environmental protection decision-making and ensure their voices are heard.

The workshop will take place on Wednesday 26th October, between 10 am – 4:30 pm, in the Fumbally Stables, Fumbally Lane, The Liberties, D08 CP27 (just off Clanbrassil Street).

It is intended that participants will firstly discuss challenges regarding the environmental impact of renewables and grid infrastructure, the planning system, as well as offshore wind development and set out recommendations to Government. Subsequently, participants will have the opportunity to engage with other stakeholders, including Minister Ryan’s Advisor, EirGrid, the ESB, and Wind Energy Ireland on these issues.
Friends of the Earth is not seeking to coordinate a joint position/agreement on particular topics in this meeting. Rather, Friends of the Earth wishes to provide a space in which groups with expertise can discuss and reflect on concerns in a manner they consider appropriate and where groups can raise these issues directly with relevant stakeholders if appropriate/helpful. An agenda will be circulated before the workshop.

Participation and logistics (Please Read)
  • This will be an in-person meeting in Dublin between 10am and 4.30pm in the Fumbally Stables. If you can only attend part of the day, Friends of the Earth would still be interested in your participation and ask that you contact them directly.
  • The organisers aware that attendance in Dublin may be challenging for certain individuals. Friends of the Earth may be in a position to meet travel and subsistence costs of attendees in certain cases, e.g., organisations with limited resources. For further information, please email [email protected]
  • Friends of the Earth will provide tea/coffee on arrival/breaks and sandwiches at lunchtime of the workshop.
  • Feel free to share this invitation and registration details with colleagues and with other relevant groups or experts.

If you wish to attend, please Register Here.

2 Comments on “Our Energy Future – Protecting Biodiversity & Environment”

  • I would have liked to attend this event to better understand the environmental impacts of offshore wind. Public meetings to date (in the evenings) have had no discernible fact based studies and nothing on impacts from Arklow Bank despite it being in situ for decades. However, I cannot afford a day off work, would it be possible to be included in some form of email summary with links to papers cited instead?

    For the record; I support the accelerated build out of offshore windfarms on what appear (based on evidence presented to date) to be barren sand banks close to our greatest use (Dublin). Someone pls prove me wrong on ‘barren’ but I’m not seeing anything to show negative impacts from Arklow bank wind farm either.

    PS fair play to Dlr PPN keep it up.

    • Hello Conor,
      The organisers aware that attendance in Dublin may be challenging. If you would like an email summary with links to papers cited, please contact the organisers to find out whether this can be arranged. Please email [email protected]

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